About Department

Computer Engineers have revolutionized the whole world. Computer Engineers are involved in many aspects of computing, from the design of individual microprocessors, personal computer and supercomputer to circuit design. The aim of the Computer department is to make competent computer engineers with a spirit of professionalism and responsible citizenship. The course emphasizes the importance of Computer Engineering and the applications of principles, to the solution of significant practical problems.

Centralized Internet Browsing Center (IBC) with lease-line connectivity of 2 Mbps protected by firewall is managed by the Department and is accessible for the students, around the clock for 24 hours. The department has three high end servers to manage the software and internet. The department has established 13 Computer labs of 24 computers each, supported by printers, scanners and 20KVA UPS. All the Computers are net worked with D-link switches and connected to internet and server.

Speciality of Department

  • Sophisticated computer labs ,equipped with high speed computer machines connected in LAN
  • A server room with high specification server.
  • A computer center with high speed internet services.
  • Labs are equipped with heavy duty printers & scanning devices and LCD projector.
  • 24 hour internet facility with 2mbps Leased lines in all laboratories.
  • We are having more than 280 latest configured computer currently.
1Windows Server 2003
2Windows Server 2008 R2
3MS-Office 2003,2007,2010 with XP Pro media
4MS Visual Studio with .net media
5SQL Server 10 clients
6MSDN Academic Allianz
11Pro/E Uplus with CAD/CAM/CAE
12Turbo C++ Professional with 5 Floppies [ s/w ]
138085 simulator
14Fedora 10,Red Hat Linux
15SC51 : “C” Compiler for 8051 microcontroller family( includes compiler, Assembler, Linker, Simulator IDE )
16MS Visual Studio Professional 2005 Edition
17Dream Viewer Single User Software
18Quick Heal Antivirus
19MS Visual Studio 2010
20MS Expression Studio 4.0
21XNA Game Studio
22Robotics Toolkit
23SQL Server 2008